You arrived here because you probably met me somewhere and rather than give out separate addresses for all my various interests/projects, I found it easier to collect them in one spot. Maybe I even had some business cards made.
Decemberized: February 20, 2000 - Present

Decemberized has been my primary site since being the spiritual successor of my 'Dann Page' from the mid-90s. I had just gotten a web design job since the bubble hadn't burst, and wanted a personal website for anything I found interesting. At first it would have a news archive like some of my other sites, but I realized I had no audience, so it's since become more of a part portal/part page stubs. I host the sub-sites: Ductwars and DCJ which are slightly different than their dedicated pages. There's all my flash cartoons, and some links which probably don't work anymore. I often use this to hang sub-domains off when I don't want to pay for a top level domain. The site has more or less been dormant for years, with no real plans to add much more to it.

From January - September 2009, I brought back a news update script that would detail all the updated across the various sub-domains, but that later moved to dann.thombs.com (ie: here until I changed to this HUB design).

Original URL: http://www.decemberized.com/

O-Review: May, 2004 - Present

My main and most frequently updated page. It's the main fan site for Oakley products, housing a product database, reviews, articles, and a large user base. It has changed much over the years, so I will refer to the Site History page rather than taking up much more space here.

Original URL: http://dcj.amaltd.com/oakley/

Dannarchy: March 25, 2019 - Present

With geocities long gone, a new site emerged to provide free hosting in an environment that encouraged retro 90's era design. Many followed, and I had been wanting to add a few things like my Quake mods to my older sites, but also didn't really want to change them. I thought about adding them to Decemberized, but this appeared to be a much better option. Plus it's fun, and I plan on continuing to update this as my new personal site.

Original URL: https://dann.neocities.org/, later https://dannarchy.com

Enerything/Nothing: June 13, 2019 - Present

I wanted to start a site that would document a lot of the things that I'm interested in, the places I visit, or just as an excuse to delay cleaning the attic by taking a million photos of what I find. This was my original idea just prior to Dannarchy and Neocities, so I decided to just make its home there since I had the space, and there was some user engagement.

Original URL: https://dannarchy.com/en/

RI Bugs & Biota: August, 2009 - Present

After taking a liking to bug photography, I also took a liking to organizing and identifying them. While flickr was used initially, I wanted something that I could systematically catagorized everything. Borrowing heavily on buggyuide.net, I started with Phylum Arthropoda, and worked my way down the taxonomic tree until I hit the species level for each of my finds. I also added representative photos, juvenile examples, location and time markers, and general families to show all within a close group.

In July 2016, as part of my mission to upgrade all my relavent sites from older languages, I converted the site from ASP classic/Access DB to PHP/SQL. I also ran a sister site for all other wildlife outside of 'bugs' and had the menus jump around. However this was twice the work, so I merged the two and started the tree at Animalia.

Goshzilla: March 18, 2015 - Present

After porting over the long standing original version to a custom programmed updateable script, I scrapped that and went with a wordpress site. My host allowed an installation, so I figured this would let me just concentrate on the content. But by this point, I just didn't have the energy for it, so it lies more or less dormant. However everything was ported over, so searching the site is much better. There are about 7 new entries though throughout 2015.

Original URL: http://www.goshzilla.com/

DCJ Productions.com: January, 2006 - Present

Like Ductwars, our filming group also has a page on Decemberized, but in 2006 I used this domain (probably the reason I dropped the ductwars one), to attach most of my related sites, so the links would stop bouncing around. The main page is simple a portal to other places, but it helps having them all easily accessible. The domain from 2001 to 2006 simply mapped to the Decemberized IP.

Original URL: http://www.dcjproductions.com/

X-E Advent Calendar Wiki: November, 2009 - Present

As a fan of the X-Entertainment Advent Calendar, I saw that the complexities of the story and characters needed some organization in one spot. I set out to catalog all that I could. I got most of it done and then kept updating for that year and the following in 2010. After that the creator stopped making them and moved to a new site. Despite not being relavent anymore, I continue to flesh out the wiki out of sadness.

Original URL: http://adventcalendar.decemberized.com/

Below this point, are mostly either historical sites, or deliberatly archived copies. I've made every attempt to fix content and links, so they are self-contained, but there may still be some broken content. Many are still used, but just not updated anymore.
Goshzilla.com: January 2, 2013

The revival of Goshzilla went well, with almost daily, if not weekly, updates. The site design was feeling a little dated since it went back to 2000, so I converted it to a grid design, which was all the rage at the time. Everything ran off one ASP file, which was neat, but we sort of stopped adding content after that, and the site went dormant again.

Original URL: http://www.goshzilla.com/

Leviathan's Clutch: July, 2011 - 2016

In late 2010, we bought a Ball Python. Intrigued by the various color and pattern morphs, we ended up getting a few more. After a time, we thought about breeding them and creating our own genetic mixes. In order to keep this organized, I made a site that would track snakes, genetics, pairing, feeding data, etc... At first in 2011, it was just Thombs Python, but I changed it to Leviatan's Clutch as a play on 'clutch' (a set of snake eggs), and reptilian lore. After a few seasons of breeding, we sold off most, but the site remains to document the lineage for those we sold.

Dann T's Inferno: August, 2009 - October, 2011

This page is meant to be a collection of the various photos and video taken during my experiences at concerts throughout New England. What started as an attempt to get the most out of my point and shoot camera, slowly turned into video compilations and then later, fully edited songs. This was mainly at the end of 2009 through most of 2010, and then a few in 2011. Since I don't really visit shows anymore, we can consider the site to be dormant.

Original URL: https://neconcerts.wordpress.com/

Rappin' with the Homeboys: March 17, 2009

During one of our 1998 skits, we had a rap group come on our news show, and be as stereotypically bad as can be. At the end of the terrible interview, they performed a song, which I think captured and remixed several times. After that, we made more audio tracks trying to create the worst possible songs ever. I put them on MP3.com at the time, and somehow people started adding them to playlists. The quote at the bottom of the page is actually genuine. After MP3.com stopped being what it was, nothing more was done with it until I made this sub-site in 2009.

Goshzilla.com: April 11, 2008

After 6 or so years of not touching the site, I revived it and started adding new entries with a friend from work. The music reviews were taken offline, and I converted the flash menu to HTML, while still retaining the look. I also converted the static site to ASP classic, so I could update it through a database.

Original URL: http://www.goshzilla.com/

DCJ DB: May, 2006 - Present

Back in college around 2002 we had a database project, so I decided to make it useful and start mapping out all of our film projects, actors, characters, locations, etc... I updated this local Access file for a while until I started getting better at web scripting. In 2006 I converted it to an online format that displays things in a better format. I still have to update the core Access file as a data source, so it hasn't been current in a while.

Cat's cats: August, 2005

My wife wanted a page for our cats, so I created this one quickly with some of the photos we had taken. It covers 2004-2005 mostly.

Original URL: http://www.thombs.com/catscats/

Decemberized: 2004-2008



The design was moved back to a wintery theme, and the dinosaur returned. I removed some of the older content and added thumbnail bars to the DCJ movie listings. Later I started using the front page as a HUB to link to other of my sites, as well as sub-site hanging off the main domain. The site went offline for a while until 2009 when I started the godaddy hosting, and got everything back.

Original URL: http://www.decemberized.com/

Ductwars.com: March, 2004

In early 2004, the domain was available again, and I set up a site since the forth part of the movie series was going to be released. I always had the Ductwars mini-site on Decemberized, but this would cover more information. This ran for about two years, until I didn't want to pay for another domain annual fee, so it became a subdomain, which didn't cost anything. The content remains the same, but some links were modernized.

Original URL: http://www.ductwars.com/

Decemberized: April 22, 2003

I dramatically changed the layout of the site, and removed the menu as well as altering the colors. I added a randomly rotating series of splash images detailing our group's activities. DCJ movies were updated with DuctWars 4, and further details for past movies.

Original URL: http://www.decemberized.com/

Decemberized: May 18, 2001

Added a new splash screen to the main front page, and now pointed both the main domain and dcjproductions.com to it. There's no news section or secondary landing pages now, just the content areas. A dedicated page to DuctWars 3 was added, but only with a few photos, since the movie was in mid-production. CD reviews and Animation were taken down since those moved to Goshzilla or not needed, leaving only the 4 main subsections and the various DCJ related sections.

Later in 2002, an uncompleted DuctWars 4 section was added, and the DCJ movie list continued to be updated as production continued. The random header lines changed from DCJ movie links to DCJ quotes.

Original URL: http://www.decemberized.com/

Clambot: April 6, 2001

In my last year of college, we decided to build a robot and see if it would be accepted into Battlebots, which was popular at the time. They did, so we started getting it ready and to head to San Francisco to compete. I made this website to collect information for it. I dropped the domain after a while for cost reasons, and archived it under Decemberized with a few links depreciated (news/guestbook) since they ran off the ASP script server we had at school vs my host. I found the original content on the Internet Archive and have since added them back in.

Original URL: http://www.clambot.com/

ISS Cam: February, 2001

Webcams were all the rage at the time, and usually you had to have an FTP script pushing a snapshot up to a web host. Our school was able to open up some IP addresses to the outside, so we could simply have the camera drop the photo onto the web folder and it would be live. The last photo is just the empty lab.

Goshzilla.com: December 7, 2000

After stumbling upon B-movies and, in turn, their review sites, I wanted to make my own. I started by recycling my music reviews from Decemberized (and removed them upon the next revision there), and also added some faux reviews of our own Goshzilla movies. I only added some new things until 2002, and the site remained dormant until April 2008, when I converted the site to a database driven one and added more content. I also removed the Music reviews at that time.
(The original site had a flash menu, which despite the annoyance of having to click on it to activate, the real issue was that Flash hyperlinks don't seem to work anymore, so I've updated it to the HTML version seen on the next iteration)

Original URL: http://www.goshzilla.com/

Six Aces: October 9, 2000

The flash design eventually became annoying to implement, and browsers weren't all that aggreeable to embedding the plugin after a while. I converted it to plain html and updated it throughout the rest of the year when the movie was finished. There's a few updates to add some media files, but those are all long gone.

Original URL: http://www.decemberized.com/six-aces/

Six Aces.com: July 2, 2000 - September 17 2000

Much like Ductwars.com, I was able to get a free domain name and hosting for a time. I was into Flash as always, and made an entire website that was one flash app. I used this to learn a bit more and was able to tie in sub-flash documents, so I didn't have to update the entire thing if one portion changed. I also made a sensitive menu that would scroll up as your mouse cursor went down, so I could fit a large list of choices into a smaller area without dragging. At the time I was working for a web design company, and also browsing the newsgroups that were more popular before large message boards. I'd often implement new things based on suggestions or to find solutions.

Original URL: http://www.six-aces.com/

Decemberized: June 16, 2000 - March, 2001

A mild update to Decemberized added a dynamic news script (for which I luckily had a copy of the database), a revision to the SixAces site, and more updates to DCJ. I added a few more corners and changed up the random header quotes to be DCJ movie clip downloads. Several flash layouts in the Portfolio section were added.

Original URL: http://www.decemberized.com/

Ductwars.com: June, 2000

I had a page dedicated to our Premier movie: Ductwars on my main site, but cast member John was able to get a domain name for free to redirect to the XOOM hosting site. He built this page to cover most of the content, and it's a bit more comprehensive than the DCJ sub-page. I had lost it for a few years, but he was able to find a copy in 2003. I've converted the flash menu to regular hyperlinks, but the splash images are still in Flash format. This was abandoned in early 2002 for a redesign, and the domain was lost by the end of the year. According to the internet archive, it was commandeered by an adult web portal for some time before dropping off.

Original URL: http://www.ductwars.com/

Decemberized: February 20, 2000 - May 31, 2000

Upon getting my first real job doing websites, I was able to get a domain name with the money and found a cheap hosting platform. I didn't know what to call it, so I chose something that popped into my head from highschool and ran with it. It's still mainly a personal site, and hosted most of the things I had created up until that point like images from graphic design classes, and the flash cartoons. I also created some dedicate pages for our movies as well as our group that made them. I had some CD reviews, which would later end up on Goshzilla, and some webpages created by The Sims game.

Original URL: http://www.decemberized.com/

Fortress2.net: August, 1999

Team Fortress 2 was planned to appear soon after Team Fortress Classic. We of course didn't get it until almost a decade later, and it looked nothing like the WW2 shooter in the screenshots. This site was a collaboration with Viscid, and never appeared. It looks like we didn't buy the domain either.
Also see the July version, Screenshot 1, Screenshot 1, and the original site logo.

Tentative URL: http://fortress2.net/

Happy Toons: June 2, 1999 - September, 1999

My first attempt at collating my various Flash cartoons. I only found this in a .zip file, further hidden within a subfolder. Only after looking at the images, did I realize I found a lost webpage. It appears that I initially tried to work with iframes and layers based on which browser the person was using, but later it seems I settled on included code with a javascript file. The title Happy Toons was used later on Decemberized, which I hadn't realized until this point.

Original URL: http://www.thombs.com/toons/

Thombs.com: June, 1999

I felt that I needed to overhaul the main page, and flash seemed to be the way to go. For the purpose of this archive, I've linked to the main landing page since Flash is on its way out. The original Intro is here.

Original URL: http://www.thombs.com/

The HUB of Dann: June, 1999

There was another free webhost called Freeservers. I signed up for it, but at this point there was no other unique website I could think about putting there, so I just made a hub to some pre-existing ones. I didn't seem to choose anything that was notable though. The link above goes right to the main animation, and none of the links work at his point. There's also an intro page that is flash and should connect to the main menu, but the link is hard coded and doesn't work. There's a link page too.

Original URL: http://dann.freeservers.com/home.html

Quake II Arena UK: May 1, 1999

As Half-life was getting older, Quake 3 was up and coming. I teamed up again with Alex from Far2Cool to design a Q3A site. I first made a Flash intro in February, 1999 and then later a full layout. Since it seems unfinished, I don't think it was ever live. (a browse on the Wayback Machine shows a different layout from October 1999, until a shutdown in March, 2001)

Dann's Web Design: May, 1999

Instead of a summer job, I tried to start a web design business. During the dot-com boom there were a fair amount of customers who needed a web presence. I remember a few leads, but I'm sure I didn't carry any of them for long.

Dann's Web Stuff: July, 1998 - May, 1999

July, 1998

September, 1998

February, 1999

May, 1999

As I had been creating a lot of sites and graphics, I wanted to collate them in one spot. I also had a few partially finished examples that never made it to a live website. For every site I created, this page also changed quite a bit over the months.

Original URL: http://members.xoom.com/cuecas

RantÓnoFly: June, 1998

Probably one of the more cringey things I've created. Hot off my AnarQuake site where I gave my freshmen-in-college level world views from time to time, here I made a dedicated site to that sort of content. I believe around the time, artistic (and in retrospect, very pretentious) personal websites were popping up all the time. Somehow I took that as an inspiration. Luckily for everyone, it lasted a total of 5 days.

Original URL: http://members.xoom.com/cuecas

3D Game Picture Archive: July, 1997 - February, 1998

Tripod was the other big host, so I concentrated mainly on just upcoming game characters and only those that were upcoming hence the omission of Hexen II and Quake II. (I've since found the Quake 2 page and re-instated it). It is actually still online with some banner ads, but the original is archived above.

Original URL: http://members.tripod.com/~chaheygn/

3D Gophers: October 4, 1997 - December 27, 1997

I eventually started added a news section to the Geocities page after seeing that trend on other sites like BluesNews, Redwood, and sCary's Shuga Shack. I thought that was a weird concept at first as most websites were static, and I didn't envision returning to a website on a daily basis to see what's new. I talked as if I had an audience, and there's a ton of cringey ramblings of the usual world-wise thoughts of a 17-year old. This is one of the few sites that I have no original copies of, and was pulled entirely from the Internet Archive, so expect a fair amount of broken images.

Dann's Salve Page: November, 1997 - May, 1998

My school provided web hosting too, so I took advantage of that once I got there. Like many of the pages, I didn't have a unique idea for the space, so it became a portal to other places. Later in the spring, I added a Flash option which pretty much gave the same links, but they flew into the screen. Those are broken now, so type 'Regular' when prompted to get the HTML version. The links went to some other defunct site, but I had the same files in that folder, so I've fixed them to refer to those instead.

Original URL: http://salve5.salve.com/~thombsd/

Dann's Home Page: November, 1997

Most likely the last revision. I added a few links on the landing page to my Game sites, and revised the Gopher page. After being offline for a while, I did put up a copy around 2000 or so, and that appears to have the same content. This version is parked at the original URL, minus the tilde(~) that denoted the original Unix user folder.

Dann's Home Page: September, 1997

The core content remained more or less the same, most likely with broken links taken out. The anit-Barney page got an image title that was created by taking a screenshot of a Word document. Not linked, but there was a test page where I started creating a navigation menu frame, that would end up being like the one in the 3D Game page above. The entery splash page allows you to travel through the VR museum, or skip the main page. The 'Now' buttons are all gone.

The Fractal Page: July, 1997 - November, 1997

This was an unfinished page dedicated to Fractals. We had built a Java applet to explore the Mandelbrot set, but there was also another online tool that would allow you to submit some random numbers, and later on they would post the resulting images. We've archived a few of these here plus the Java ones. Most of the pages were blank, so I have finished them up based on the images in the folder. The gallery also has the later timestamp of November which matches Amy's Fractal Page.

Original URL: http://www.thombs.com/fractals/

Dann's 3D Page: July, 1997 - September, 1997

With the introduction of free web-hosting sites, I ended up signing up for all of them and creating new web-sites on each to justify the effort. For Geocities, I created a general 3D game page dedicated to all of the upcoming 3D shooter titles that appeared in the wake of Quake. I cut out characters from various screenshots into transparent GIF files and organized them on their own pages. Clicking on the orange arrows in the menu lead to older pages for some reason. I also created the Green Ribbon Shambler icon to support 'responsible speech', as a compromise to the freeness of the internet.

Original URL: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/5890/

Music Page: July, 1997

This was just a page with Music logos from bands I liked. It was only accessible from a room in the VR Museum.

VR Museum: June, 1997

Using a level I created in Quake, I took screenshots and turned them into clickable image maps. Some of the rooms would have things that allowed you to visit my friends and family's sites. Others were links to band or radio websites. There's a hint section and a duck you need to find too.

AnarQuake: March, 1997 - July, 1997

May, 1997

April, 1997

March, 1997

My first dedicate Game fan page. I had mixed games earlier, but with the 3D shooter craze I wanted to feature my own game edits and other interesting mods for Quake. Of note is the combination of both anarchy symbols and a stance against free speech (mainly because the wild west of an internet at the time was full of people being rude to the point of abuse and that was shocking at the time). The influence from my Dann Page is apparent on the first one. There are more links, and it uses the colored bullets and gopher rating system as well as only including other people's mods. In the next version, I started adding some of my own. The final revision lasted a few months. I broke up my own mods and the others. This would then get replaced by a 3D Game page instead of just for Quake. Originally hosted off a /quake/ subfolder on Thombs.com, it moved to Geocities later.

Original URL: http://www.thombs.com/~dann/quake/

Dann's Home Page: March, 1997

Later in March I started playing around with frames. Since you needed more screen real estate, I made a landing page which prompted for the larger version, or the frameless. The 'Now' buttons were massive at this point, and I was collecting them for things I wasn't even interested in. Both versions were more or less the same as the one earlier in the fall, but the chat link was taken off. I started trying my hand at javascript a bit more too. There's a page that reacts to the time of day. At this point, we had moved to the thombs.com domain.

Original URL: http://www.thombs.com/~dann/

Thombs.com: March, 1997

We finally moved to out own domain. The links became buttons, and there started to be some sub-sites. Karen Maloney's Skating School, Saints' Stories, Inc., and Thombs' Home Pager Service among a few others. There's also an audio greeting, which was recorded, but never used since a 1 Mb download in 1997 would have been prohibitive. I've readded it here though. Later in June, some things were removed and the page was relatively unchanged through late 1999.

Original URL: http://www.thombs.com/

Fatima Highschool: December, 1996

Our local ISP was hosting a school webpage contest. Whoever made the best website for their school would win a $500 saving's bond. I felt bad since my brother and his friends worked for days on theirs and then I spend a few minutes making this and won. It had an animated tiger GIF, so no contest. I ended up just cashing in the bond for half value and it probably went towards my first car.

Original URL: http://www.wsii.com/users/fatima/index.htm

Dann's Home Page: October, 1996

I started collection the 'Now' buttons made popular by Netscape Now! Many were popping up with those specific dimensions, so I added them to the Guestbook block. I added another block below that for some main links. The link pages are still there, but I also added an image map mimicking a Windows 3.11 screen. The friends page also has an image map to other pages. I can't find any record of the quake link, however it most likely turned into the Geocities Quake page, so I have recreated the page using those links. It would eventually split into the two gaming pages later on. Also there is an unlinked Gopher image page which according to someone on AOL messanger, was semi-viral at one point. It would be updated in time.

Amy's Home Page: June, 1996

My sister created a page with our help. It's mostly links, but there is a Stories page not linked off the front page, as well as a Fractal one.

Original URL: http://www.thombs.com/~amy/

Dann's Home Page: June, 1996

The sections were moved to their own pages, and Marty Kitty replaced Hobbes as the splash image. The guestbook is local now, and has a few entries in it. At some point 1996 we movied onto our host: BBSnet, which was also our ISP. I used this ancient laptop to FTP the files over via command prompt.

Original URL: http://w3.bbsnet.com/~users/thombsm/dann.html

The Thombs's Home Page: June 16, 1996

The space theme which was ever present, took over the main page now. Links were in tables, and the personal family page was changed to match. Some business pages were added, as well as a guestbook. There was also an option to use a frames version.

Original URL: http://w3.bbsnet.com/~users/thombsm/

Dann's Home Page: March-June, 1996

March, 1996

April, 1996

June, 1996

A few revisions that were in the same folder. Some links are added/removed, and the splash photo changes from the Earth to Hobbes

The Thombs's Home Page: January 21, 1996

A few new pages were added, and the stereoscopic background was replaced with the earth from my bedroom.

Original URL:

Dann's Home Page: November 23, 1995

The format expanded a bit, but all content was still on a single page. Updating was interesting. We set up an FTP server on our personal computer, then used telnet to connect to the university web server, and connected back to us. At that point command line FTP was used to pull the file back. There are also some hidden links which go to random content. Those in turn have more hidden links. The first one is impossible to find, so jump straight here. The following ones aren't too bad to track down.

Original URL:

The Dann Page: August 27, 1995

This is my first separate page. It's pretty much the same content as the prior, but there are some barney links, and the Hobbes link, black background, and red text would continue for all further versions.

Original URL:

I found a WordPerfect document from September talking about my trip to DC that summer and making web pages:

Looks like I used a picture of a hairless underground Mole. Probably taken at Roger Williams Park Zoo. We used to get our film developed and then transferred onto 3.5" floppy discs. This is how I got most of my early web images.

The Thombs's Home Page: August 19, 1995

Upon insisting that I wanted my own page, the main home page now links to each family member. There is an earlier version of Amy's Page that looks to be the gap between the combined original page, and the more fleshed out one linked on this one. It's dated the same as the prior.

The Dann Page: August 13, 1995

This is my section of the combined page. Many of these X-Men links would continue through all the versions of my main page later on. The poster is something I made in MS Paint. I wanted to make it the background, but was persuaded otherwise. The Gherkin coins were from a school project where we had to make up our own country.

Original URL:

The Thombs's Home Page: August 13, 1995

This is the earliest file that I can find. All of the content was listed on one page, and anchor tags were used to navigate to specific points in the page. To get the files online, we had to copy them onto a 3.5" diskette and drive them over to the university.

Original URL:

The Dann Page: July 19, 1995

This page was most likely never online, but rather an experiment in writing HTML. We didn't get the school server access until August, and most of the links are pointing to files on my hard drive.

Original URL: file:///c:/dan/dann.htm

The Dann Page: July 16, 1995

Just for posterity, this is the first attempt at editing HTML. I took a Tick fanpage, and started playing with the tags, and embedding images.

Original URL: file:///c:/dan/x-men/dann.htm